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What our clients say about us

Below is some of the feedback we have received.

Feedback from Men's Programme

"The programme has been great. I have set my goals, made some changes, and now intend on continuing to change to achieve my goals of being a good partner and role model. I don’t know how you could improve the programme".

"I like the programme. I am coming because I want to. I am enjoying it and learning things that are helping. I’m not sweating the small stuff as much as I used to. I am a supportive parent and I am showing more respect now and feeling less stressed".

"The group is great. I am learning to be more responsible and it is being noticed. I am changing for the better. I am thinking about others more and being more caring".

"The group is good for helping me learn when to walk away from silly arguments. I am losing it a lot less now and usually that is just with myself".

"We laugh a lot more now"


Feedback from Women's Programme

“I am so grateful that my partner started the Men's group otherwise I may never heard about the Women’s group”

“Everything that we have covered has been significant and helpful and very heart felt and touching. It has triggered my emotions and has taught me how to be myself, I have grown immensely from doing this course.”

“I am so glad and grateful that there are groups like this that women can attend!”.

“I couldn’t have done it, without the group and the different ladies that come. I don’t know how to thank you enough!”

“I’m recognising the importance of taking time out for myself, I’m taking more pride in my appearance. My partner commented on how my self esteem has really grown and I know it’s the womens programme that’s doing it!”

“I thought it was going to be stink, I didn’t want to be there, but it’s not how I thought it would be, I’m learning so much! I’m doing pretty good, I’m no longer yelling”!

“I just love going to group, it’s so fantastic”


Feedback from youth about Youth Programme:

"I am feeling and learning to be able to manage things differently"

"I am learning a lot about how to control my anger, I'm also talking more about how I'm feeling and that feels good"


Feedback from parent/caregiver about Youth Programme:

"The instances where he winds himself up are becoming less and less frequent"

"When we talked with some friends regarding what was happening with our family they suggested this programme as they had been through the programme and found it very helpful with their own family"

"He is now listening to me and responding in a positive way, he seems to like having clear boundaries"


Feedback from parent/caregiver about Parenting Programme:

"This programme has really worked for us. We talk now. I am parenting my son according to his age. We have achieved what we can to do. My son is now back in main stream school and is doing well"


Feedback from a referring agency:

"The Youth is a lot different than when he first started the programme. Definite changes noticed. He is more settled at school, is listening to the teacher and readily takes on suggestions. He is more self controlled and thinks about how to react. He is open to goal setting in the future to maintin/improve his behaviour"


Family Support Service

"It is helpful to be able to talk about my point of view"

"I think it is a great service I feel heard and valued in the process"

"it is great that you come to me so I don't have to worry about childcare"

"It is very helpful to discuss my children’s wellbeing and how their fathers changing behavior impacts on them"

"I can already see changes in my partners behavior after only a short time on the programme"


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