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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do I need to be referred by someone?
A.  No.  Anyone can access our services by contacting us directly, or referral via the website.  Some people are referred by other agencies, schools etc.

Q.  What kind of support can I expect?
A.  This depends on the kind of support you need and will be assessed at your first meeting. 

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  A weekly contribution is encouraged for all of our programmes. This amount is based on what you can afford.

Q.  How long do the programmes last?
A.  Our Youth & Parenting programme run for 15 weeks, the Men's group programme and the Women's group programme runs for 20 weeks and Family Support lasts for as long as you require it.  For more information go to the 'What we offer' page and look at the programmes.

Q.  What about confidentiality?
A.  All information about you is confidential, however, you will be asked to sign a consent form to authorise sharing information with other services that you have had dealings with if it is believed it will be helpful to you and us.  This will be explained at your initial meeting.

Q.  What do I do if I am not happy with something or want to make a complaint?
A.  Te Manawa has a complaints procedure for dealing with complaints and this is also explained at your initial meeting.

Q.  What about any comments or feedback I may have?
A.  A questionnaire is available that you will be asked to complete.

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Te Manawa programmes are run with the support of : 

Community Organisation Grants Scheme, Lottery Community, Manawatu District Council, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development , NZ Police, Palmerston North City Council , Pub CharityLion Foundation, Eastern & Central Community Trust, TG Macarthy, Central Energy Trust.

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